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Initially started as notes for Jon Pincus' presentation at the workshop on Activism and Education Using Social Networks.

please help by filling in links and additional references

  • Twitter and blogs after Egyptian activists are arrested. (References needed!)
    • Also see Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everyone
  • Courage Campaign's anti-Blackwater activism in Southern California
    • Video
    • Town of Potrero votes out city council and changes stance
    • Blackwater changes plans (AP article)
    • Petition to Pelosi
    • Letter to San Diego Mayor about new permit
  • Mashups
    • Netsquared's contest

  1. International Activism Network on Small Arms - developed at short notice their for ther campaign which achieved over 6 thousand signatures in about 6 days if I recall correctly... not massive by AVAAZ standards, but achieved almost entirely virally.
  2. Garstang, the world's first fair trade town
  3. Climate Stewards - carbon footprint calculator (a re-write is planned later this year so that the emphasis moves from offsetting to lifestyle management)
  4. Conciliation Resources - "the shop is a particular bespoke piece of code, because they had many specific needs that would have been compromised badly if an off the shelf product had been used"
  5. WorthBroadcasting, a central directory from Sitewriters for podcasts and vidcasts from charitable, voluntary and campaigning organisations, as well as a central resource for podcasting and vidcasting tutorials and tools

ACLU (Eric's presentation):

  • blog
  • Flickr
  • on Facebook -- account currently disabled!

Ben Masel: 2006 Democratic Senate primary in Wisconsin, a MySpace-based campaign -- spent less than $1000

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