How to get more attention on technology policy?

  1. Promote CFP journalists in the national media
  2. More political organizers at CFP
  3. Bringing scientists, journalists, and activists together

Topics needing more attention

  1. Science/Tech Ed.
  2. Fix the Digital Divide
  3. Privacy from Government
  4. Open APIs for Government Data
  5. Require "Access to Knowledge" in Multinational Treaties
  6. Fix the copyright system
  7. Privacy from corporations
  8. Information security risks

Areas with superficial coverage

  1. Net neutrality
  2. Cyberterrorism
  3. Sexual predators
  4. Identity theft
  5. Obscenity
  6. Demonization of computer/Internet developments
  7. Cyberbullying
  8. Piracy
  9. Hacking

Technology policy categories

  1. Finish unaddressed issues
  2. Find Cheney's cave
  3. Address the FOIA loopholes created by the Vice President's office and working groups

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